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Privacy Policy of Mindomax

1. Platform Usage and Content Rights
Mindomax is an educational website where users can upload flashcards with text and image content. Mindomax reserves the right to use all content and information from users uploaded to its cloud space for advertising, scientific, research and commercial purposes. Users are strongly advised to use Mindomax solely for educational purposes and avoid sharing any personal information.

2. Content Licensing and Restrictions
All content uploaded to Mindomax is under the site's private license. Any use of shared content from the library or any other area of the website, either for personal or commercial purposes, is strictly prohibited and subject to legal action.

3. User Panel Content
Content that users add to their personal dashboard or in their educational boxes, since it is accessible only to the user, can contain any educational material. However, Mindomax reserves the right to delete content and block users posting adult content or material outside the educational scope. Monthly payments will not be refunded and access to the website will be revoked if user does not follow the law.

4. Prohibition of Automated Access
Any use of robots or bulk scraping of the website will result in the user being banned.

5. Payment Information Security
Payment details are not stored on Mindomax servers and are fully managed by Stripe. We strongly advise against sharing any personal or identity information and recommend using the site only for educational and scientific purposes.

6. Content Storage and Security
All content is stored on Mindomax servers and Amazon's cloud space with set security. Users are not allowed to share any of their content, including image links, with others.

7. Use of Voice and Image Uploads
If users provide voice recordings or image uploads, Mindomax will use them only for content-related purposes strictly for educational use.

8. IP Information and Cookies
IP information and cookies stored in the user's local browser storage are used solely for optimization and security purposes of Mindomax. There is no collection of information from the user's browser unless it relates to data placed by Mindomax.

9. Geographical Location Data
Users' geographical locations are used only for analytical purposes and are stored as part of general data for scientific research projects.

10. Annual Policy Review
Users must review this page and the terms and conditions annually. If dissatisfied, users should cease using the service. Mindomax reserves the right to change these terms and will notify users of any changes.

11. Contact Information
For any queries or concerns, please refer to the contact link: